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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Around the House~

It's been a long time...(since I posted)...I shouldna left you...(and I really have no excuse)...however, I did have a fire at my house that blew about a fifth of my bathroom to smithereens, so look forward to an upcoming post on my newly redecorated powder room; I'm going for more of a spa feel this time around.

Gasp! Fire! This bathroom is now a work in progress...stay tuned.

For now, this is what's been going on around the house...

Matching frames from Home Goods that hold pictures of my Grandma and I

Hand to hold the baubles

New sheets from PB Teen. I'm a sucker for zebra print! Sadly, I still do not have a comforter/duvet because I'm still waiting on the company that took my clothes, bedding, etc. (to clean and de-smoke them) after the fire to return them...it's almost been a month. WOMP, WOMP!

Insert from the July issue of Vogue Italia

My new ionic salt lamp from Home Goods...these aid in promoting positive health and well-being, and cleansing the air of pollutants; they also give any room a warm, serene ambience.

Yes, I have a green thumb. It's official. Though I did have to anchor this to the balcony railing to train it to grow upright because in the Winter, it comes to live inside the house with me...it was growing in various different directions. What you see above used to look like this.

See, told ya! Look at that new growth!

Buddhas courtesy of Home Goods

The current dining room table set-up

A close-up--Home Goods has AMAZING table runners on the cheap; check them out for regular runners, as well as for seasonal/holidays!

From afar


Soul Pretty said...

Hey...what's been up...I have been missing in action and finally came up for air...like I said in my post, after this weekend, I feel like I'm back...funny how a little attention and pampering can do that for a girl...

I bought the same buddha from Home Goods for Mini's room and one for my kitchen...great minds think alike...

Diva Style said...

Yes! We are so awesome!! :-) I have a thing for Eastern-inspired artifacts. My home is overflowing with Buddhas, Buddha hands, and foo dogs!:-)