Diva Style: {They're Here!}

Monday, January 14, 2013

{They're Here!}

You saw me gushing over these once here. Well.....THEY'VE ARRIVED!
I'm not a stickler for packaging as long as I like the product, 
but I definitely was impressed with the VC aesthetic. 
The hot pink interior of the box excited me so. :-)
 I appreciated the thought that went into the packaging...
the outside of the box with the brand logo. She likes....
and now, a close-up of the shoes: 
I loved the fact that they weren't as bulky as they originally seemed online. 
They were feather-light. My feet did a little happy dance in their mind...
and now, for the inside of the shoe...
it's  interesting; though it's a graduated platform, it feels comfortable. 
Not expected, but I like...it's almost like a heel hidden inside 
the sneaker in order to give you a bit more height.

And finally, the sole...(sorry, hadn't removed the sizing sticker yet).
What do we think, ladies?...
PS-I also received a 20% off Thank You coupon for my next purchase! 
Great way to keep me coming back!

Until we meet again,
Live Glamourously. 

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