Diva Style: :Mad Men Monday, Anyone?:

Monday, March 26, 2012

:Mad Men Monday, Anyone?:

Last night, a friend of mine who owns an event management company, ingeniousEVENTS, threw a Mad Men viewing party at Lounge 201, a spot in DC. ...So you know I was on my Joan steez...
I must admit, I'm enamored with her style and own quite a few outfits in the way of this seductive (but not overtly) silhouette that I've deemed "work wear". I just know what I look good in. Additionally, Joan has a way of being sultry, yet professional all at once, and I love it!
~PS...I got no one to take a picture of my outfit. *sad face* 
Here are a couple images I did take, though...

My look...a classic red lip was only appropriate. Ruby Woo.
Yes, MAC finally got me with this one!
You can't really see the fake moles I applied,
but rest assured, they're present! My flash was a little too
aggressive on my camera phone...pardon the haziness.

Did my nails before the event. Bright red would have been better, I suppose,
but I just couldn't stifle the creativity in me.

I sipped on a cocktail customized for the event, the "Je m'appelle Betty".
I'll leave you with a few images of classic Joan...


Live Glamourously.

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